Beautiful Beaa Successfully Defends PWA Elite Women’s Championship

In Stunning Fashion Over Alexia

Alexia Nicole2

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On Saturday night September 28th, PWA (Pure Wrestling Association) held an action packed event at the Alpine Club in Kitchener, Ontario that saw Beautiful Beaa successfully defend her PWA Elite Women’s Championship against Alexia.

aAlexia Nicole4It was a contrast of very similar styles between the two women as both are extremely quick and agile and took to the top ropes looking to hit high risk maneuvers.  The ladies spent no time to size each other up but instead went right at it from the opening bell but Alexia took the upper hand on the champion.


Alexia Nicole7aAlexia Nicole5


You could see in the challenger Alexia’s eyes the desire for the belt as she took it right to the champion and hammered away on Beautiful Beaa in the corner with vicious kicks and chokes.


Alexia Nicole6

However the champ was able to use her size advantage and strength advantage over her challenger and reversed things by driving Alexia’s face into the mat with a bull dog.  Over the next several minutes Beaa was able to send Alexia to the mat and tried to grind the fight out of her with a series of holds on the canvas.


Alexia Nicole3

To her credit Alexia never gave up and took back the momentum and control of the contest and would eventually climb up onto the top ropes and waited for a dazed Beaa to turn and face her where the challenger then jumped off smashing down into the champion with a flying drop kick. It looked all but over for the champ as the fans held their collective breath as the referee’s arm went to drop for the three count but Beaa kicked out.

You could see the heart break on the challenger’s face as she thought that she had the title.  This near win may have got into Alexia’s head as she seemed to be unable to regain control of the match as Beautiful Beaa was able to drive Alexia into the mat which knocked the air out of her.  Beautiful Beaa would then climb up onto the top ropes wear she measured her challenger and leaped off crashing down across her with a huge Frog Splash where Beaa then hooked the leg and picked the impressive three count victory and successfully defended her PWA Elite Women’s championship.


Alexia Nicole8

After the match Beautiful Beaa would bend down and help the dazed Alexia back to her feet in a sign of true sportswomanship.  Alexia accepted the kind gesture and Beaa held Alexia’s arm up out of respect.  You could see the heart break on Alexia’s face knowing how close she was to becoming champion however she will definitely rebound and learn from the loss and be back.

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