Canadians Give Excellent Showing At Shine 13!


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On Friday, September 27th, at the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida, three top Canadian wrestlers Xandra Bale, Leah Von Dutch and Angelina Love represented Canada at Shine 13.



In the opening contest Xandra Bale of Toronto took on Su Yung, Taeler Hendrix and La Rosa Negra in a Fatal Four Way.  Bale demonstrated her speed and aerial tactics as she used took to the top ropes and flew into the air crashing down on her rivals outside the ring.

Bale was almost able to get a pin fall victory after hitting a top rope splash but could not get the three count.  Eventually however Bale got caught by Su Yung and was forced to submit to her arm bar submission hold.



The second match on the card saw Leah Von Dutch challenge Nikki Roxx who was accompanied by Daffney.  The match started off with a lot of animosity between the two women as they would exchange hard slaps and punches right to the face.  Von Dutch showed an excellent ground attack as she was able to lock on an assortment of submission holds such as a cross arm breaker on Roxx in an attempt to wear down the strong arms of the seasoned veteran.





In addition to her ground attack Von Dutch showed a vicious side as she did a cart wheel into a back rack as Roxx was in the corner.  Von Dutch was almost able to get a win with her Dutch Clutch.



However, in the end it was Roxx who hit a devastating Voodoo Drop on Von Dutch and picked up the three count victory.

This feud is definitely not over though as the bad blood spilled over into the Mercedes Martinez and Solo Darling match up as Martinez looked to do a lot more damage on Darling but Roxx came out to break things up.  This action brought out the sore loser Von Dutch who wanted to get her hands on Roxx again.  Before Von Dutch was able to get the revenge she wanted Kimberly chased the enraged Canadian off.



In the main event Angel Love, of Toronto but now living in Florida took on Rain for the Shine championship.  Both ladies left everything in the ring and Love almost took the victory on several occasions but it just wasn’t her night as Rain was able to catch Love in a front face lock and hit an Implant DDT to get the pin and retain her Shine championship in a hard fought and well deserved victory.


Make sure to check out Shine 14 which takes place on Friday October 25th. More details will come out in the following weeks so stay tuned.

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