Angie Skye Walks Away With Triple Threat Win Over Von Eerie & Kimber Lee At Femmes Fatales XIII


©Photographs By Rick McLean

The Triple Threat Match between Quebec’s Angie Skye, Christina Von Eerie and Kimber Lee took place before the Main Event. Kimber Lee stepped back refusing to start the match until she had properly stretched. This prompted Skye to attack Lee and then Von Eerie would join in on the action setting up some nice double team moves. However, Skye and Von Eerie would soon turn on each other and would drive fists and head butts into each other as they stood toe to toe mid ring. Throughout the match Kimber Lee was able to hit some very impressive moves but just couldn’t set up a pinning combination. In the end though it was Von Eerie who had Kimber Lee down for the count but Angie Skye snuck in behind her and rolled her up and got the cheap three count win out of nowhere. After the match Skye and Von Eerie brawled all the way to the back while Kimber Lee was regaining her senses. The dispute between Skye and Von Eerie is far from over though.


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