Did Jody D’Milo Lose The Battle But Win The War Against Mary Lee Rose At Femmes Fatales XIII?

IMG_4013©Photographs By Rick McLean

Mademoiselle Rachelle unveiled her latest acquisition Jody D’Milo who took on Quebec’s Mary Lee Rose. Mary Lee Rose had d’Milo in trouble on several occasions but Mademoiselle Rachelle would interject herself and the advantage would switch in D’Milo’s favour. D’Milo looked to have Rose in serious trouble and set her up for her Vader Bomb but Rose moved out of the way and D’Milo crashed and burned. Rose would go on to take the fight to D’Milo and looked to be on her way to victory but slipped in a cheap shot and started to kick and stomp Rose in the corner. When the referee tried to break it up D’Milo threw him to the mat which prompted an immediate disqualification. D’Milo wasn’t finished though as she went out to stomp away at an injured Rose for several more minutes until finally more officials came out to break things up.

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