LuFisto & Sweet Cherrie Triumphant Over Championship Duo Of Cheerleader Melissa & Mercedes Martinez At Femmes Fatales XIII


©Photographs By Rick McLean

On Saturday October 26th from the Centre St. Barthelemy in Montreal, Canada, NCW Femmes Fatales hosted Femmes Fatales XIII.  This was an action packed sold event with a mixture of global talent.  Tensions were high as the Main Event of the evening saw a carry over  of the fireworks that took place at the Shimmer tapings the prior week between LuFisto, Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez. However this time LuFisto would have help from her friend and tag team partner Sweet Cherrie.

The Main Event of Femmes Fatales XIII was indeed just that as it was one of the most action packed, vicious and ruthless fights I had ever seen. The stipulation was simple the match was a No Disqualification and Anything Goes contest until one team would stand victorious. Would it be LuFisto and Sweet Cherrie or would it be the Shimmer Champion Cheerleader Melissa and the NCW Femmes Fatales Champion Mercedes Martinez?

Once the combatants were in the ring staring across at each other you could feel the electricity in the air.  This had all of the aspects of a big fight feel and having covered several World Championship boxing matches I would know.  Almost immediately after the bell rang the fight spilled outside of the ring.  LuFisto would grab Melissa by the legs and smash her sideways into the steel guard rail head and shoulder first.  This would be followed up by Martinez being whipped hard back first into the railing. After an abundance of various weapons were thrown into the ring by LuFisto and Sweet Cherrie it was Melissa who would turn the tables on LuFisto and was able to smash a chair into LuFisto’s back.  Melissa would then unhook one of the guard rails and throw the heavy steel right on top of the downed LuFisto.  Melissa then grabbed every chair that she could find and smashed them down onto the already injured LuFisto.  Eventually, the wounded LuFisto would slowly crawl her way out from under the debris but into the clutches of Melissa revelled in the fact that LuFisto had been busted wide open from her attack.  This was obviously revenge on LuFisto for busting Melissa open the past weekend.

Sweet Cherrie was forced to take on both women as LuFisto was recuperating outside of the ring.  Cherrie held her own as best as she could and knocked Martinez out of the ring and into the hands of LuFisto who then lifted Martinez high into the air and drove her hard through a table with a Death Valley Driver which saw the table explode on impact.

During this melee the original referee had been wiped out by a big running boot and a new referee who was obviously against LuFisto and Sweet Cherrie took over.  Sweet Cherrie had driven Melissa’s face into a chair and had the certain win and went for a pin but the new referee would not count to three.  LuFisto would teach him a lesson as she ran across the ring and somersaulted right into his face knocking him out.

Moments later Cheerleader Melissa tried to pin Sweet Cherrie following a top rope dropkick and had her feet on the middle ropes for additional leverage but Courtney Rush came out pushed her feet off of the ropes and broke up the count.  This enraged but more importantly distracted Melissa which would allow LuFisto the opportunity to scoop Melissa up and drive her right into the mat in the centre of the ring with a beautiful Burning Hammer which took everything out of Melissa.  LuFisto was able to get revenge as she pinned the Shimmer Champion one, two, three!  After the match LuFisto dangled the Shimmer Championship in the face of the defeated champion who laid flat on her back barely conscious.

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