Missy Knocks Out Niya Barela At Femmes Fatales XIII

Cheerleader Melissa & Mercedes Martinez Ruin
Award Presentation To “Butcher” Vachon


©Photographs By Rick McLean

Pat Laprade and Paul “The Butcher” Vachon entered the ring and was introduced to the crowd who gave them a large ovation as NCW Femmes Fatales paid homage to both Vivian and Luna Vachon, two pioneers of Quebec female wrestling. LuFisto and Sweet Cherrie came out and presented plaques to Vachon. Vachon thanked the crowd and started to make a speech but was rudely interrupted by Mercedes Martinez who taunted the Quebec tag team who she was facing in the main event. As LuFisto and Sweet Cherrie had Martinez backing up it became apparent that this was a set up as Cheerleader Melissa ambushed LuFisto from behind and a huge brawl broke out between both teams for several minutes until finally order was restored. After the ring side area was finally cleared Missy took on Niya Barela. Barela was rude and arrogant throughout the match and even grabbed onto Missy’s teddy bear and dropped a big elbow on it. This was a very competitive back and forth match up as both ladies landed some heavy high impact holds. At one point it looked all but over for Missy as Barela climbed up to the top ropes and leaped off looking to crash down across Missy in what would had surely ended the match. However, Missy moved out of the way and battled her way back and eventually nailed Barela with a huge Flatliner that knocked her out cold and Missy picked up the win.

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