Team Ontario Takes Two Fall To One Win Over Team Quebec At Femmes Fatales XIII


©Photographs By Rick McLean

It was a provincial battle between Team Ontario consisting of Leah Von Dutch and Kaitlin Diemond and led by Courtney Rush took on Team Quebec featuring Midianne and Bettie Rage and was led by Deziree. The two teams battled in a two out of three fall encounter for Canadian bragging rights.

There was early mind games as Midianne taunted Leah Von Dutch with her whistle and then having angered Von Dutch, Midianne decided that she wanted to lock up with Kaitlin Diemond. Just as Diemond entered the ring Midianne tagged out to the large and powerful Bettie Rage. The power house Rage took it right to Diemond and she drove power shots into her back and worked her into the corner and continued to smash Diemond with several more hard shots. Diemond withstood the brunt of the punishment and was able to tag in Von Dutch.

Von Dutch tried to use her speed and high flying offence on Rage and even though she got caught in a cross body block Von Dutch was able to drive Rage’s head into the mat with a huge DDT. A stunned Rage was able to make the tag but Von Dutch was just on too much of a roll as several moments later she had the overwhelmed Midianne in her patented Dutch Clutch. It was sunk in too deep and Midianne had no choice but to drop to the mat and eventually submit to this vicious hold. Team Ontario had the important first fall in their score column.

Team Ontario started off the second fall strong but Midianne had enough of the Von Dutch onslaught and levelled her and was able to work her over for several minutes before she decided to tag in Rage. However, Rage was unable to maintain the advantage and tags on both sides were made. Von Dutch once again had Midianne in serious trouble and tagged Diemond in as they were ready to set up a double team finisher but out of nowhere Deziree grabbed a hold of Diemond’s legs when she was on the middle ropes and by the time Courtney Rush was able to chase Deziree away Midianne was able to roll Von Dutch up for the three count. Team Quebec had even the match up at one fall a piece.

What took place after this was quite surprising as Von Dutch was furious at Diemond over getting pinned even though it was obvious that Diemond was trapped by Deziree. Courtney Rush was able to settle Von Dutch down as best as she could by tensions were definitely high on Team Ontario.

Von Dutch would not start the third fall as she was still pouting and Diemond got caught from behind by Rage and Midianne and severely worked over. A miscue by Team Quebec allowed Von Dutch and Diemond to set up some beautiful double team holds and the momentum was back in Team Ontario’s favour. Diemiond had a staggered Midianne in her grasp and drop her face first into the mat with her Skankdrop finisher however as Diemond had Midianne covered for the definite three count near the Team Ontario corner out of nowhere Von Dutch reached out tagged Diemond and came in and covered Midianne for the three count picking up the win in the third and deciding fall of the match. A shocked Diemond and Rush looked on as it seemed as though Von Dutch wanted to take all the glory for herself. Was LVD just in a bad mood that night of is there more than meets the eye here? LVD definitely has some questions to answer that’s for sure.

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