The “Pink Flash” Kira Chokes Out Portia Perez At Femmes Fatales XIII

IMG_3984©Photographs By Rick McLean

The Lumberjill Strap Match between Portia Perez and the “Pink Flash” Kira was much anticiapted by the large Montreal crowd. There was a lot of bad blood between these two and this feud had to be settled. Portia Perez looked off though as she didn’t want to get into the ring complaining about several perceived injustices as she walked amongst the crowd. Just as Perez was ready to leave the building she was cut off by her fellow Ontario natives Leah Von Dutch, Kaitlin Diemond and Xandra Bale who grabbed onto Perez and fired her under the bottom ropes.

Both women exchanged the advantage several times but it was Kira who was able to get her hands on the covenant strap and proceeded to whip away at Perez. Perez tried to bail out but was caught by the Lumberjills and tossed back into the ring. Perez was able to get her hands on the strap after a cheap shot and used it to whip and choke Kira. Perez had enough of the beating and tried to sneak away as she crawled up the ramp but was promptly cut off in the entranceway by Courtney Rush who chased Perez back into the ring and into the open clutches of Kira. Kira whipped away at Perez like a government mule and got the strap around the throat of Perez and began choking the life out of her and Perez was forced to submit before she passed out.

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