Leah Von Dutch Falls Victim To The Bite Of Shelly Martinez In Germany


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On Saturday November 16th, in Germany, Leah Von Dutch too on the renown vampiress Shelly Martinez on DWA’s “Rise Of The Vampires”.  The two had exchange threats before the match as Von Dutch claimed that she was going to slay the vampire Martinez while Martinez stated that she would be tasting Dutch blood by the end of the night.

Von Dutch was aggressive and took the match straight to Martinez and would not be intimidated however she was trying to keep it a wrestling match while Martinez tried to make the match a fight.  Martinez proved that she would stoop to any level to pick up the win as she yanked hair, choked and even bit Von Dutch right on the neck. It was obvious that the referee could not control Martinez who should have been disqualified for her dastardly tactics.

In the end the wrath of Martinez proved to been too much as she was able to back up her pre match threats by putting Von Dutch away.


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