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On Saturday November 23, 2013, we celebrate our SIXTH ANNIVERSARY event! As the days will fly by, we’ll be announcing several huge matches in the days leading up to this big event.  We’re happy to announce a rare-occasion in C*4, and something we feel many fans will enjoy. Over the years, we’ve had many requests from fans to showcase the female side of professional wrestling. On Saturday night, we’re excited to feature some of Ontario and Quebec’s very best in ladies grappling!

C*4 fans are no doubt familiar with Vanessa Kraven – one of the toughest competitors to step foot in a C*4 ring (male or female). On Saturday night, she’ll be once again in action!

Kraven will be teaming with a young Quebec-based female star, who has been turning heads for the last few years in nCw and nCw: FF. C*4 is happy to welcome the debuting Mary Lee Rose.

The duo of Kraven and Rose will have their hands full when they collide with another team featuring a face well known by C*4 fans, and another newcomer.

Angie Skye made her C*4 debut last year – and has turned many heads with her fast-paced athletic style, since then. Skye is best known for her work in nCw: Femmes Fetale– but has also recently debuted SHIMMER.

Angie Skye will team with another young competitor who has been blazing a trail for herself over the last year, across Ontario, and most recently in the USA. We’re pleased to announce the debut of Jewells Malone!

Jewells has recently competed for WSU and AIW, and looks to add success in C*4 to her resume.

No doubt, all four of these women can go – and action will be everything but lady-like. Don’t miss out!

Ladies Showcase

Vanessa Kraven & Mary Lee Rose


Angie Skye & Jewells Malone

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Height: 5’7″

Weight: 140lbs

From: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Trained By: Tyson Dux, Johnny Devine & Scott D’Amore

Debut: 2008

Finisher: Skyward Suplex, Spear

Bellatrix World Champion, GCW Women’s Champion, Shimmer Tag Team Champion,
Tri-City Wrestling Women’s Champion

Other: Ranked #23 in the PWI Female 50 for 2013

Facebook:  Courtney Rush

Twitter:  @TNA_Rosemary


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Height: 5’3″

Weight: 1000 lbs of Awesomeness!

Hometown: Thornhill, Ontario

Debut Year: August, 2008

Fondest Ring Moment:
Shimmer & Shine Debuts. Named #44 On PWI Women’s Top 50 for 2013

Championships: OCW Women’s Championship and PWA Prima Donna Title

Favourite Holds/Finisher: Bale Out Submission and Fisherman Neckbreaker

Facebook: Xandra Bale

Twitter name: @XandraBale

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Height: 5″8″

Weight: 150lbs

From: Oullins, France

Finisher: Face Plant Suplex

Debut: 2008

Championships:  MSW Women’s Champion


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Height: 5’6″

Weight: 250lbs

From: Moscow, Russia

Finisher: Spear

Debut: 2002

Championships: NCW Cruiserweight Champion

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Height:  5’5″

Weight:  125lbs

Age:  22

From:  Sherbrooke, Quebec

Debut Year: 2012

Finisher:  The Facelift

Facebook: Diana Hall

Twitter:  @MelDianaHall

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Kenzie Vega©Photograph By:  Kenzie Vega

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 150lbs

From: Vancouver, BC

Trained By: Mitchell Starr, Disco Fury & Sean Dunster

Promotions Worked For:
Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, Big West Wrestling,
Thrash Wrestling, Monster Pro Wrestling, Pure Power Wrestling,
Gold Dragon Wrestling, West Coast Wrestling Connection
Canadian National Wrestling Alliance

CNWA Women’s Champion

Other:  Was On The Reality TV Show World of Hurt With Rowdy Roddy Piper

Facebook:  Bambi Hall

Twitter: @BambiHall

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Leah Von Dutch talks about some of her daily activities thus far while travelling on her wrestling tour throughout England.  Some of the highlights of this episode include a trip to Stonehenge as well as an unreleased match against Seleziya Sparx.  Please make sure to read about LVD’s full match reports & upcoming scheduled by clicking here.


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APW wants their injured Women’s Champion, Courtney Rush, who is unable to defend her belt due to broken collarbone to forfeit the title. Her Moonwalk Thrillers partner Jody D’Milo, helps turn that frown upside down.


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North Starz will be chronicling Leah Von Dutch’s recent wrestling tour which has already started in the United Kingdom and will see the Canadian superstar venture on to the European continent.  LVD is no stranger to the UK or European wrestling scene however she has much more experience this time around and plans to conquer Europe’s top female wrestling superstars.  Below is a list of results of Von Dutch’s recent matches in the UK as well as some information on her upcoming appearances.  Please make sure to keep tuned into future updates as LVD sweeps across the continent!

Leah Von Dutch VS Dragonita

LVD2 Von1



Leah Von Dutch’s first victim of her UK tour was Dragonita on Sunday November 3rd, on Extreme American Wrestling’s “Rumble in Rushden”.

LVD came into the match with a chip on her shoulder and she was definitely not there for any crowd approval. Von Dutch was able to whip Dragonita into the corner and ran into follow up her advantage however LVD ran straight into a Dragonita elbow. The very agile Dragonita hopped up over the top ropes and outside of the ring where she rammed her shoulder deep into Von Dutch’s gut. Dragonita followed up the shoulder by hopping up onto the top ropes and gave Von Dutch a beautiful Mexican arm drag. Draginita went to the well one too many times as she tried for another arm dragged but missed. LVD saw the opening and kicked her in the stomach. At this point in the contest LVD has lost all of her patience with the fast and agile Dragonita and started to viciously choke her, incorporated some dirty hair pulling and several more boots to the gut. As Dragonita was down and hurting Von Dutch taunted the audience as she felt the maytch was all but over. Von Dutch went to whip Dragonita off the ropes but she ducked a LVD clothesline and both ladies rebounded off of the ropes and they hit a double clothesline and were both down. The combatants made it back to their feet before the count of ten and the two started exchanging forearms but Dragonita got the upper hand and nailed LVD with a hard kick and then dropped Von Dutch with a drop kick and went for a cover but only managed a two count. Sensing Von Dutch was spent Dragonita ascended to the top rope for a splash but missed crashing hard to the mat. As Dragonita was trying to catch her breath and regroup LVD locked in her deadly Dutch Clutch and Dragonita had no choice but to tap out to the devastating maneuver.

LVD VS Olivia


©Photographs By Ben Ward

In LVD’s second encounter on Saturday November 9th, in Swanley, UK, she squared off against the upcoming UK star Olivia at IPW:  UK’s Super Future #1.  Even though Olivia put up a worthy fight it just wasn’t enough to counter the experience and ring savvy of the veteran Von Dutch and she was also forced to tap out in the dreaded Dutch Clutch. (continue reading…)

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In Toronto On Sunday November 10, 2013


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This event will take place on November 16th, in Rome, GA, at The Forum during the SuperStars Fan Fest that features Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Ole Anderson, Raven, Teddy Long, Gunner, Luke Gallows, Leilani Kai and more! Go to Superstarsfanfest.com for more details.

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