The “Anti Diva” Kaitlin Diemond Talks About Her First Month Living, Training & Wrestling In Mexico City, Mexico


On Friday December 20th, 2013, North interviewed the “Anti Diva” Kaitlin Diemond who is currently living, training and wrestling in Mexico City, Mexico. Diemond talks about what her trip has been like thus far in Mexico as well as her wrestling matches there, her living & training conditions and what general life is like for her in Mexico City. Wrestling fans will not want to miss out on this candid one on one interview with the “Anti Diva”.


Diemond & Other Mexican Wrestlers Doing Media
Appearances At Six Flags Amusement Park In Mexico City

©Photographs By Divinas de la Lucha


Pictures Of Diemond Taking On Chica YeYe
In Tag Team Action On An XMW Event


Diemond’s Canadian Lucha Libre Mask          Diemond’s Opponent ZuZu Devine 



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