KC Spinelli Costs Nicole Matthews Tag Team Title Win! Brawl & War Of Words Errupt!

Matthews4©Photographs By Brennan Brosseau of ECCW

On Saturday January 18th, 2014 at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia, ECCW (Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling) held its first event of the new year called “Ballroom Brawl”.  This match saw reigning ECCW Women’s Champion Nicole Matthews team up with Andy Dreadful Bird in a 6 way Elimination Tag Team contest for the ECCW Tag Titles. The Bollywood Boyz were the champions going into the match and the other team involved were the Amerikan Guns, consisting of Mike Santiago and Ethan-HD.


In a shocker the Bollywood Boyz were eliminated first and throughout the match Andy and Nicole were dominant and it seemed as though they were destined to become the new tag champs however an old foe of Matthews appeared Kc Spinelli.  The former ECCW Women’s Champion managed to interfered and caused Nicole Matthews to get pinned.  Spinelli would grab the ECCW Women’s Championship belt and paraded around the ring bragging until Nicole Matthews regained her senses and unleashed hell on Spinelli which saw multiple referees try to break up this brawl.  Eventually Matthews would overpower Spinelli and drive her out of the ring.  Kc Spinelli was eventually dragged out of the ring by the referees kicking and screaming.


This rivalry has most definitely got more personal than ever as it was KC Spinelli who originally beat Nicole Matthews to win her first championship however several months later Nicole Matthews would defeat Spinelli and recapture her title.


These two women are set to square off on Saturday February 1st at the Russian Community Centre in Vancouver at ECCW’s “Return Of The King”  However a war of words has erupted on Twitter leading up to this classic confrontation:


KC Spinelli:  “Blah blah blah see you on the first, princess.”

Nicole Matthews:  “Bitch is dead”

KC Spinelli:  “U always be saying some shit “blah, blah blah” I don’t care who U R It only matters who I is #FixMyBelt

Nicole Matthews:  “You *is* a pretender.  And I talk shit? Real rich coming from you. Show up on Feb. 1st and show everyone you’re worth my time. I have my doubts.”


Wrestling fans if you are anywhere in the province of British Columbia of February first make sure to get your butts to Vancouver to watch this match as it will most assuredly be a mix of both technical wrestling and all out fighting but what cannot be disputed is that both of these women will bring all they have for their fans so don’t you dare miss it!

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