Riea Von Slasher & KC Spinelli Fight To A No Contest In Tables Match As Von Slasher Kidnaps Spinelli


©Photographs By Kenzie Vega Photography

On January 24, 2014 at Lake City Bowling & Billiards in Kelowna, British Columbia, Big West Wrestling held “Here We Go”. One of the most exciting matches on the card saw two arch nemesis clash in KC Spinelli and Riea Von Slasher. When last they met Spinelli was left unconscious in defeat and put in a body bag so revenge was definitely on her mind. This time however it was a tables match with an assortment of weapons including chairs and kendo sticks mixed in as well.


The match started out as expected with both women going to war both inside and outside of the ring. At one point Von Slasher tried to break Spinelli’s arm against the ring post. Moments later Von Slasher set a table up in the corner and position a wounded Spinelli against it looking to finish things with a epic running cannonball slam however Spinelli moved and Von Slasher crashed heavily through the table.


Spinelli then took the action outside of the ring as she grabbed a kendo stick and started to hammer away on Von Slasher with it. Mere seconds later Spinelli pulled Von Slasher to another table and tried to suplex her through it however she was able to block it. After a couple reversals that saw Von Slasher smashed face first into a cement wall it was Spinelli who was able to lay a dazed Slasher on top on the table. It looked all but over as Spinelli climbed back into the ring and climbed up to the top turnbuckle preparing to jump off and crash down onto the prone and barely conscious Von Slasher.


However, out of nowhere Cremator Von Slasher and his henchman grabbed Spinelli and threw her to the mat and proceeded to work her over and into unconsciousness eventually handcuffing her. A revived Von Slasher would drag Spinelli out of the ring and put her over her shoulders in a fireman’s carry and proceeded to kidnap KC Spinelli as she left the building with her.


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