Jasmin Earns A Hard Fought Victory Over Courtney Rush In On Going Feud

CPW Courtney vs Jasmin-10©Photographs By Tabercil


On Sunday March 23rd, 2014, in Woodstock, Ontario, CPW (Canadian Pro Wrestling) held “March Mania” which saw another chapter in the ongoing feud between Jasmin and Courtney Rush take place.  These two ladies have a lot of bad blood between each other after Rush blamed Jasmin for an injury that kept her on the sidelines for several months however Rush’s assessment of the incident was inaccurate.


The veteran Courtney Rush had the size and experience advantage and she used both of them quite well throughout the match.  Rush would demonstrate her strength by body slamming and suplexing Jasmin on many occasions and also put Jasmin in a backbreaking Sharpshooter but to her credit Jasmin did not submit.  Jasmin knew that she had to use her speed and agility to keep Rush off balance and she was able to do this quite well throughout the match up.  In the end it was Jasmin who was able to get the hard fought pinfall victory over Rush with a bridging victory roll variation when Rush had Jasmin up high readying to hit her with a power bomb but Jasmin reversed her way out of it.  Jasmin proved her perseverance as she never gave up or quit even while being physically dominated by a much larger, stronger and more experienced opponent.

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