LuFisto Puts Hania “The Howling” Huntress Away In Epic Battle At AWS’s 12 Year Anniversary Event


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On March 22nd, 2014, the “Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto returned to the Alternative Wrestling Show in South Gate, California to take on the up and coming star, Hania “The Howling Huntress” on AWS’ “12 Year Anniversary Event”.  LuFisto showed her strength while Hania showed her incredible speed and agility.  However, LuFisto took control of the match as she tried to make Hania submit or tried to pin Hania after hitting her with various suplexes. To her credit though Hania fought back hitting LuFisto with a wheel-barrow into a face plant into the turnbuckle and Hania followed it up with a hard kick. Unfortunately for Hania, LuFisto was able to stop her and break her momentum with a code-breaker/dropkick in the face combo.


LuFisto4LuFisto then put Hania in a leg submission kn own as “La crucetta” trying to wear down the “Huntresses” powerful legs before trapping her in the ropes and hitting her in the face  with various kicks.  LuFisto would go on to deliver a devastating cradle DDT but the Howling one was very resilient and would not stay down.  Hania was then able to surprise LuFisto with some quick drop kicks and some well placed hard kicks of her own.  Hania looked like she might have LuFisto after hitting a beautiful top rope moonsault but LuFisto was able to kick out at two.


Hania ran into the ropes to get momentum but LuFisto picked her up and smashed her with a huge gut buster to Hania’s washboard abs.  LuFisto went for another cover and again was only able to get a two count.  LuFisto felt that she had done enough to finish Hania off and set her up for the Burning Hammer but Hania was able to slip behind LuFisto and deliver a vicious kick to the side of LuFisto’s head which dropped her hard to the mat.  Hania went for the cover but she could only get a two count.


LuFisto8Hania then ran to the ropes again but she was introduced to a well placed LuFisto hard back fist which badly stunned Hania.  This was the opening LuFisto was looking for as she hoisted Hania high in the air and drove her into the mat with a perfectly executed Burning Hammer.  It was all over at that point as LuFisto went for the cover and got the one, two three.  After the match LuFisto shook Hania’s hand as a sign of respect for a great fight as the AWS capacity crowd gave both wrestlers a standing ovation.

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