“Dino Hunter” Leah Von Dutch Defeats Taeler Hendrix At SHINE 19

Hendrix v LVD38©Photographs By SLAMminLadies.com


On Friday May 24th, 2014 from The Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida, SHINE Wrestling hosted SHINE 19 which saw Canadian and self professed “Dino Hunter” Leah Von Dutch travel south on another mission to rid Shine Wrestling of dinosaurs when she took on Taeler Hendrix.  Both of these women have a history of cheating their way to victories at Shine events and on this evening both ladies heard the sounds of boos from the capacity crowd.


Hendrix v LVD14Hendrix v LVD33

Both of these women are extremely accomplished wrestlers and matched up well in both size and strength.  It was a back and forth match that saw both women cheat on several different occasions trying to pick up the win.  Leah Von Dutch used scissors, hair pulling and her impressive Dutch Clutch as well as various other rough house tactics during the match while Hendrix used her agility and speed in order to generate offence but she also utilized hair pulling and choking too.


Hendrix v LVD37In the end both women would try to get weapons from under the ring but Hendrix missed hitting LVD with hers but Von Dutch grabbed a clog and proved to be the better cheater on this evening as she smashed Hendrix in the head with the clog knocking her senseless which allowed her to pick up the three count victory.

You can watch the event in its entirety on www.WWNLive.com


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