Skylar Rose Super Kicks Her Way To An Impressive Win Over Kaitlin Diemond

Rose14©Photographs By Ubel Photography & Design


On Sunday May 25th, 2014, from the Merrittion Community Centre in St Catharines, Ontario, Crossfire Wrestling held “Mayhem” that saw Skylar Rose square off against Kaitlin Diemond.  These two are no strangers to each other and have battled on several occasions in the past.  There was no love lost between the fans and Diemond as they made sure that she understood that she was unwelcome in hometown girl Skylar Rose’s city.  Throughout the match Kaitlin Diemond would try to bully the smaller Rose around using her strength and brawling tactics however Rose would not be pushed around and used her speed and agility to overcome Diemond’s offence and fought fire with fire as she used a few punches and kick of her own.



Near the end of the match a desperate Diemond dropped to mat grabbing her knee yelling out in pain with tears in her eyes as a shocked crowd and Skylar Rose looked on in shock.  However, this was just a fake out as Diemond was faking the knee injury to try and sucker Rose into lowering her guard so that she could change the advantage and end the match.  Rose would not allow this to take place and went on to catch Diemond right on the button with a huge super kick that dropped Diemond which more than allowed Rose the opportunity to go for the cover and pick up the three count win.

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