LuFisto Gets DQ’ed Against Kacee Carlisle At VALKYRIE II: Rise Of The VALKYRIE

LuFisto vs Karlee 41©Information By

©Photographs By Eric L. Cooper


On Saturday July 19th, 2014, LuFisto travelled to Brooklyn, NY to take on Kacee Carlisle in the main event of VALKYRIE II: Rise of the VALKYRIE. Both women went at it toe to toe with exchanges of submission holds and strikes, Carlisle’s Southern Belle style vs LuFisto’s strong style. The fight even went outside of the ring until the Anime gained control again. However, LuFisto unfortunately knocked referee Kris Levin out which gave Kacee the opportunity to hit her on the back with a chair. LuFisto was able to recover quickly to deliver a flying forearm and a cannonball to Carlisle. She then took the chair and threw it on Kacee’s head. Unfortunately, referee Levin was up again and saw the whole scene, disqualifying LuFisto in the process.


Carlisle then took the mic saying she had beaten LuFisto and would beat Sumie Sakai at the next Valkyrie event to become their first women’s champ. Sakai came out to confront Carlisle but as she was backing up LuFisto grabbed her by the hair and kicked her in her lady parts. Sumie then hugged LuFisto before the Anime raised her arm up telling Carlisle that Sakai would become the first Valkyrie champion.

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