Cherry Bomb Spoils Xandra Bale’s Return At SMASH Wrestling’s Smashapalooza

Bale vs Bomb16©Photographs By Steve Argintaru


On Sunday July 20th, 2014, at the EZone in Toronto, Ontario, SMASH Wrestling held Smashapalooza that saw the triumphant return of the always exciting and fan friendly Xandra Bale who was coming back from an injury.  Bale would not get an easy opponent though as she would take on the always dangerous and tough Cherry Bomb.


Both of these women have an impressive arsenal of high flying moves and they would pull out all the stops against each other during their match.  However, in the end Bale was unable to overcome Cherry Bomb’s onslaught and she was caught right in the face by Cherry’s BSE (Best Superkick Ever) which stopped Bale abruptly in her tracks and allowed Cherry Bomb to pick up the three count victory and in the process spoiled Xandra Bale’s fans dream of seeing a victorious return.

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