SMASH Wrestling’s CANUSA Classic 2014 Is A Huge Success

Team Canada Victorious!

Both Teams©Photographs By Steve Argintaru

©Results From SMASH Wrestling


On Sunday September 21st, 2014 at the CanLan Sports Complex in Toronto, Ontario, SMASH Wrestling held the CANUSA Classic 2014.  Team USA has won the inaugural CANUSA Classic so Team Canada was looking to get revenge this time.


Xandra Bale vs Kimber Lee

Bale vs Lee14

Match #1: Kimber Lee defeats Xandra Bale via an Inverted Tombstone following ringside distraction by Cherry Bomb. USA 1 – CAN 0.


Jewells Malone vs Veda Scott

Malone vs Scott9

Match #2: Veda Scott defeats Jewells Malone via a bridging Saito Suplex. USA 2 – CAN 0.


Courtney Rush vs Cherry Bomb

Rush vs Bomb7

MATCH #3: Cherry Bomb vs. Courtney Rush resulted in a double disqualification after interference and a brawl between Kimber Bombs and Xandra Bale/Courtney Rush.

*Bale and Rush issued a challenge to Kimber Bombs for the remaining point later that night.


Vanessa Kraven vs Allysin Kay

Kraven vs Kaye10

Match #4: Vanessa Kraven defeats Allysin Kay via a Sitout Chokebomb. USA 2 – CAN 1.


Angie Skye vs Heidi Lovelace

Skye vs Lace9

Match #5: Angie Skye d. Heidi Lovelace via a corner DVD. USA 2 – CAN 2.


Leah Von Dutch vs Taeler Hendrix

LVD vs Taylor9

Match #6: Taeler Hendrix defeated Leah Von Dutch via a Small Package roll up. USA 3 – CAN 2.


Rush & Bale vs Kimber Bombs


Match #7: Courtney Rush & Xandra Bale defeated Kimber Bombs via a Sharpshooter submission from Rush to Cherry Bomb. USA 3 – CAN 3.


LuFisto vs Amazing Kong

LuFisto vs Kong26

Match #8: LuFisto Pegaboo defeated Amazing Kong via a bridging German Suplex. USA 3 – CAN 4.


Team USA Earns The Silver Medal

Team USA


Team Canada Wins Gold

Team Canada

Vanessa Kraven knocked out Rush out with a devastating boot during her MVP presentation and left the ceremony.


Courtney Rush Named Tournament MVP

Medals 11

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