LuFisto Outshines Perfection In Successful WSU Title Defense Against Shanna

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On Saturday, February 21st 2015, LuFisto returned to where it all began for her at CZW, the legendary ECW Arena (now 2300 Arena) to defend her WSU Championship against “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna.

Both women lock up and go toe-to-toe when it comes to wrestling holds… Until LuFisto has the upper hand and mocks Shanna doing her infamous pose. A little frustrated, Portugal’s Perfect Athlete slaps her but she is quickly thrown to the outside by the champion.

LuFisto goes for a suicide but Shanna attempts to kick her… But LuFisto stops. Shanna is distracted by the crowd who laughs at her failed attempt and meets with LuFisto’s feet which projects her into the guardrails. LuFisto throws her back inside the ring and climbs on the top rope. Shanna gets up and pulls LuFisto’s leg which sends her throat right on the top rope. Shanna then proceeds to attack LuFisto with various hits, aiming mostly for her back. LuFisto won’t give up.

As the challenger goes to kick the champion in the face, LuFisto avoids the hit and sends Shanna flying on the second rope where she is trapped head down. LuFisto dropkicks her in the face and tries to submit her opponent with a leg lock but Shanna reaches the ropes. As she attempts to apply the same submission, Shanna pushes her and runs towards LuFisto who’s standing in a corner. LuFisto moves out of the way, Shanna’s head hits the top turnbuckle and falls down, only to be victim of a devastating cannonball. Shanna gets up dizzy and LuFisto clotheslines her to the outside.

LuFisto goes for a dive from the apron but Shanna catches her foot and trips her. LuFisto falls hard on the apron and Shanna is once again working on her back using the ring, the steps and the posts. She goes back in the ring to break the count. She goes back outside to whip LuFisto into the guardrails but the champ reverses the maneuver and catch Shanna in a powerbomb on the apron! Both women are down as the referee is counting…

On the count of 9, the two opponents are back in the ring. As they are getting up, a slap fest is on between the two women until LuFisto hits Shanna with a hard head butt, a santon and a kick to the chest followed by a Tiger Suplex. Shanna kicks out at 2! LuFisto traps her into a cross-face but the challenger reaches the ropes. The Ronin then goes for the Burning Hammer but drops Shanna as her back is too sensitive from the previous hits. Shanna hits her with an Inziguri kick followed by the Angelwings. LuFisto kicks out! Shanna then traps her into a cobra clutch with LuFisto being on her knees which adds pressure on her back as well… But LuFisto doesn’t give up!

Frustrated, Shanna picks her up and swings at her. However LuFisto ducks the slap and traps Shanna into a underhook Tiger Bomb! 2 count only! LuFisto attempts the Burning Hammer once again but Shanna counter balance and falls back on her feet. LuFisto picks her up for a belly-to-back suplex but Shanna falls back on her feet behind LuFisto… Dragon suplex release times 2 plus on Dragon Suplex with a bridge… 1…2… KICK OUT!!

Very upset, Shanna grabs the WSU World Title feeling she should be the winner. She also is contemplating the idea of using it on LuFisto… Until the referee grabs the belt and tells her she can’t use it or she’ll be disqualified. Both go at it tug-o-war style until the referee has enough and just lets go of the title. Shanna gets propelled back first towards LuFisto who is standing at that moment… Burning Hammer!! 1… 2… 3! Still your WSU World Champion, the Wounded Owl Ronin LuFisto!

Unfortunately, the celebration is short-lived as The Office (Sassy Stephanie, Mademoiselle Rachelle and Amber Rodriguez) attack LuFisto from behind. As the punch, scratch and kick her, Shanna slowly gets up, grabs the WSU title and hits Sassy Stephie with it. Amber and Rachelle both get out of the ring running.

As The Office is at ringside angry that their plan failed, Shanna gives LuFisto her belt and shake her hand as a sign of respect. They both embrace as LuFisto lifts Shanna’s hand, acknowledging her effort in the championship match.

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