Wrestling Fever Interviews Leah Von Dutch

LvD_Teaser-585x300Posted on 25. Februar 2015, 2:33 PM By Markus Of http://www.wrestlingfever.de


Hi Leah! First of all thank you for taking the time for this interview. I hope you are doing well.

LVD: Thank you for having me!


You were on a big European tour recently which led you, among the rest, once again to Germany. How have you liked it here, could you see a little bit of our country?

LVD: I love wrestling in Germany. The fans are fantastic and I find the wrestling companies put on a great show. However, I have not been able to explore the country…it has just been airport to show to hotel to airport. I hope to come back and explore!


Your name and your appearance indicate it more than clearly, but please tell us a secret. What relation do you really have to the Netherlands?

LVD: My Oma and Opa came to Canada in 1955…so I do have dutch heritage that I am very proud of…but I am Canadian (shh)!


How have you (or whoever) come to your (ring) name?

LVD: When I was born my mother wanted to name me Leah but it was my dad’s turn to name a child so, my mom didn’t get her way. I chose the name Leah for my mother…and I love the name! As for the Von Dutch part….I wanted to be named just Leah Dutch…but my trainer at the time said it needed something in front of the Dutch…so we picked Von Dutch…like the trucker hats. I think Van Dutch would have been more Dutch :P READ MORE

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