NCW Femmes Fatales XVII Match Announcement!

16629501731_7c4739bd7f_zAnother intriguing matchup has been signed for Saturday April 4th, 2015’s NCW Femmes Fatales XVII between two of the top female rookie wrestlers from Quebec in 2014. This match is brought to you by the Torture Chamber wrestling academy and will feature Jessika Black versus Stacy Thibault. These two women will be battling it out for the title of who truly is the very best from the Torture Chamber.
Jessika Black is known as the “First Lady” of the Torture Chamber as she was the first female graduate from the wrestling school. However, Stacy Thibault, who was also trained at the Torture Chamber disputes Black’s claims and believes that she is the better wrestler and that Black is the pretender to her throne. Thus, these two evenly matched women have wrestled several times and hold an equal share of victories over the other.

Black brings a skill set that features a mixture of technical abilities and good old fashioned smash mouth wrestling. Thibault on the other hand is strong, agile yet sneaky and will stoop to whatever level is necessary to pick up the win.
Will the “Dame De Fer” Jessika Black solidify her position as the top woman from the Torture Chamber or will Stacy Thibault take her crown? This match will definitely have the fans at the Centre LGH in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on its feet so get your tickets now and find out who is the Queen of the Torture Chamber!

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