Stacy Thibault Reigns Supreme At NCW’s “Challengemania 23”

116©Photographs By Lutte NCW


On Saturday May 16th, 2015 from the Centre Bruxelles in Montréal, Quebec, Lutte NCW held “CHALLENGEMANIA 23” which saw a women’s four way match up between Eve who was accompanied by Kath Von Goth vs Jessica Black vs Stacy Thibault vs Mary Lee Rose.

The first woman to pick up a pinfall or submission would be declared the winner and thus the four women tried to end the match quickly.  Eve and Stacy seem to join forces and try to take out Mary Lee Rose.  However, Black was not going to allow these two to dictate the match as she hit a beautiful Double DDT on her adversaries but could only get a two count.  In the end Mary Lee Rose applied her Boom Boom Pow finisher on Eve and then tried to hit her Rock City Cutter on Stacy but Thibault catches Rose out of nowhere with her X-Stacy Cutter to pick up the impressive victory.

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