Results For Canadians At Shine 33

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Barbi Hayden Defeats Leah Vaughan

On Friday February 26, 2016 from Ybor City Florida, Shine 33 was held and the event featured two Canadians.  The first Canadian in action was Leah Vaughan who took on one of the toughest wrestlers in North America, Barbi Hayden.


Both of these women had a lot to prove and were ready to pull out all of the stops.  These elite wrestlers would battle both in and outside of the ring.  It was a seesaw match up that saw both women almost pick up the victory on several occasions.  However, it was Hayden who would stoop to having to take a short cut as she would block an attempted suplex onto the floor and then dropped Vaughan onto the top rope.  Hayden would then back drop Vaughan on the apron.  Moments later Hayden would get Vaughan back into the ring and used the ropes for extra leverage to pick up the tainted three count victory. 


Vanessa Kraven & Jessicka Havok Battle To A No Contest

(308)Vanessa Kraven and Jessicka Havok went right at it right from the opening bell as the two would slug it out to the point that both were near exhaustion.  The two women would through the rules right out the window as they wanted to brawl to find out who was the biggest and baddest woman wrestler on the planet.  However, the referee did not see things that way as he tried to keep law and order but to no avail.  The referee in the match would inadvertently get nailed and knocked out.  More referees came out to try to restore order but both women would have none of it as they decked the referees and then continued to smash away on each other outside of the ring and all the way to the back.  The official decision of the bout was a no contest.

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