Interview By The Whig: Ontarian Diemond Shining Brightly In Pro Wrestling

Diemond2©By Jan Murphy, Kingston Whig-Standard

She’s one of the brightest young Canadian female stars on the independent wrestling scene, so it comes as little surprise to learn that Kaitlin Diemond’s love affair with sports entertainment can be traced all the way back to her very formative years.


In fact, the Brantford, Ontario, native says she owes a lot her passion for pro wrestling to her brother.

“Definitely my brother,” said Diemond, whose real name is Kaitlin Baki, said during a video call from Japan, where she’s on a long tour with independent wrestling company Stardom, when asked about her first wrestling influence. “He’s five years older than me (and) he watched wrestling during the Attitude Era, during (Stone Cold) Steve Austin’s rise and he just thought it was the coolest thing.”

Lest anyone underestimate the power of the older sibling, Diemond is proof.

“He’s my only sibling and I thought he was the coolest person in the world so I copied everything that he did, which included wrestling,” she said. “Eventually, when wrestling stopped being cool (to him), he abandoned ship, but I was already too hooked on it at that point.”  Read More

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