Courtney Rush Gets The Win Over Cherry Bomb By DQ But This War Is Far From Over

cher26©Photographs By Steve Argintaru


On Sunday March 20th, 2016 in Toronto, Canada, Smash Wrestling held “Any Given Sunday 4” which saw the much anticipated showdown between Cherry Bomb and Courtney Rush.  The two have been arch nemesis since first meeting years ago however the feud between the two got even more ugly these past months as Cherry Bomb cut Courtney Rush’s hair which helped cause a chain reaction for Rush to start a sinister transformation.  Rush would go on to turn on friends and vowed to rid Cherry from the world of wrestling.  However, Cherry Bomb saw things differently and took up the mantle of Vampire Slayer in an effort to rid wrestling of the evil demon Rush.  It was crucifix verses meat cleaver and something had to give on this night.


The two wrestlers tried to tear each other apart as the fought and clawed both inside and outside of the ring.  It was obvious that both were willing to sacrifice their bodies in order to achieve total victory.  However, when conventional means were not getting the job done unconventional means took the forefront as weapons entered the fray which included a steel chair.  As Courtney Rush had the chair Cherry Bomb superkicked it back into her face and at this point the referee had lost control of this violent fight and declared Rush the winner by disqualification. Cherry Bomb continued to attack Rush with some devastating chair shots.


Cherry Bomb almost made good on her promise to bring the demise of Courtney Rush however in the end she could not get the job done and the match was awarded to Rush via disqualification.  This was just a mere battle but clearly the war will rage on.  Can victory truly be achieved and at what cost?  What will be left of either wrestler in the end?  It looks as though ultimate victory may mean the sacrifice and destruction of their bodies and of their souls.

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