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Rick McLean owns and operates North Starz.ca as a volunteer and as a non profit website.  I am a history teacher in my mid 30’s from the Toronto, Canada area who has been a life long wrestling and boxing fan. I have been an advocate for gender equity in sports for over a decade and have worked in the media to help promote and report on women’s boxing at both the amateur and professional ranks for http://www.womenboxing.com


Over the past two years I have worked in the media side of women’s professional wrestling throughout Canada on my North Starz website and my main goal and aim is to make sure that the women professional wrestlers get the same, fair and equal representation in the sport and media that their male counter parts receive.


Since 2000, I have written many articles, interviews and have covered live boxing events throughout Canada, Great Britain and the United States, devoting countless hours of my time making sure that the female boxers received fair recognition and equal media coverage that they have earned and deserve.  Together we have worked very hard to make the women’s side of the sport evolve from a fringe sport to finally being included as a sport at the Olympics where it was one of the most popular events during the 2012 UK Olympics.  In addition, I have recently been named to the First Ever Committee for the new International Women’s Boxing Hall Of Fame which I am very proud of.


I would like to thank all of the wrestlers and the fans for their continued support to my efforts.  Take care and all the best.

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